Having the health you have always wanted not only changes your body, it changes the course of your whole life!

  • Is it time for you to truly rest and heal?
  • Do you have a sense that your body can heal given the right conditions?
  • Have you ever felt truly ‘held’ in a space where you can fully let go?

Time to Let Go...

This retreat is for those people who are ready, really ready to look at what is happening in their body and truly heal it...

    • Have you been full steam ahead and been rejecting your body?
    • Do you want the time and space to see what your body is really saying to you?
    • Are you are ready to take your health to a new level?
    • Have you been feeling low energy and sluggish for too long and you finally want to get to the bottom of this?
    • Do you feel like you've been doing all the ‘right’ and ‘healthy’ things but still your body doesn’t look or feel how you know it can?
    • Do you want to trust your body again, you want to feel like you are on the same team?

If you answered yes to any of the above, the Body Love Retreat could be for you!

My Name is Fran Stockley

I know what it is like to feel trapped in your own body.

It was my own pain and discomfort very early on in my 20’s that led me to dive very deep into the study of what it truly means to feel alive, free and energetic in your body and therefore your life.

I healed Chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal burnout and anxiety/depression through truly resting and cleaning my body with fruits, vegetables and herbs.

With over 12 years in the health industry and having run several businesses including as a personal trainer a coach and a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist I have seen and helped heal many different health conditions.

What I saw in this time has been humbling and truly a rewarding experience to be able to hold space for and guide so many clients to heal, recover and really continue to live and expand their life in a greater more rewarding way.

As I began to lead retreats though I saw how there was a real need for people to feel safe to relax, let go and feel supported in the process. This was the inspiration behind bodylove luxury detox retreats.

Our body is our transport through life, and when it doesn’t feel good it becomes the reason many of us don’t go for what we really want in life. When we give it what it really needs to heal though, diseases can be reversed, pain disappears and our natural joy and energy for life return. This is the power of detox.

Fran Stockley

Here is what you can expect to experience when you say YES to joining a BodyLove Retreat

    • Total clarity – on what is happening in your body now and how to heal it from myself and our team of experts
    • Complete in depth bespoke one to one support for all of your health and life goals
    • Community - friendship and allies in your health journey in a private and very powerful facebook group
    • Courage to change – the strength and power to carve a new way with your health to set the rest of your life as the best of your life
    • A chance to deeply rest - to feel safe enough to let go, relax and thoroughly rejuvenate
    • Weight loss – while this may not be your main goal, most guests lose up to a stone in weight in the week
    • The re-ignited energy - and confidence to go forward with the life you truly desire!
    • Aftercare – all guests receive a post retreat 6 week one to one call with me.

This is an immersion experience, an immersion into your health and your life. When your health changes your life changes, suddenly the things that felt impossible are now reachable. You will see how easy it is to have the health you have always wanted, the body you have always wanted to create and the life you have always desired!

Immerse Yourself...

The retreat is yours to do as much or as little as you like:

  • 5* traditional accommodation with en-suite bathrooms
  • Large open natural spaces to reflect, rest and imagine
  • The Mallorca sun to rest under
  • Evening lit fresh water pool
  • Fresh local Spanish produce
  • Nestled in its own olive garden

Included in your retreat investment:

  • Restorative yoga morning and evening
  • Guided walks in the Mountains and local area
  • Beach afternoons
  • Private fresh water pool lounging
  • Raw food demonstrations
  • Detox educational workshops
  • Organic juices, smoothies and raw recipes.
  • Ongoing support in a group format.

A Magical Experience

Surrounded by beauty, immersed in nature, you will find a peace you may not have known you were yearning for...

Here's What You Need to Know

This is full body experience, we care that you are lit up from the inside out, that your body is working with you and that you transform.

This is not just about weight loss…this is about deep healing and the understanding of your body so you leave having the tools to play the game of life at your highest.

Although the message of health is simple we don’t apply the same formula to all our guests. We see the whole of you and what you are wanting for your health, your body and your life.

Our retreats are entirely bespoke according to the guests that join us.

We are not a fitness camp. We believe in the art of deep rest, fresh air, gentleness and fresh whole ripe organic fruits and vegetables.

We care about your journey after the retreat. We make sure you leave with recipes, your tailored one to one plan and the emotional tools you need to continue your transformation into everyday life.

Your Retreat Experience

Each day you can expect to rise at your own pace and join us for fresh juices, smoothies and raw meals in the evening under the guise of our inspired raw chef. You may choose to read a book all day or join us in yoga, walking the local area or learning about cleansing the body.

Our ethos is... 'gentle and simple in a luxurious and safe retreat house’

You Will Learn

In our talks and education workshops you can expect to learn:

  • The simplicity of healing
  • Why fruit is your friend when creating incredible health
  • The art of connecting to your desires
  • The importance of rest in body shape and healing
  • Why raw food is not always healthy
  • The role of herbs in taking your health to its highest ever level
  • How your life transforms when your body transforms

The Team

This is your retreat experience and here are two of our team who will guide, inspire and support you...

Meet Joann Buchan, our international intuitive yogini and Emily Aston, our heart based reflexologist and Catherine Watson our Body Wisdom guide.

Deep healing happens on many levels, and all of our team cover mind body and spirit

The Investment

This retreat is a very intimate experience. We intentionally only make space for 8 beautiful guests to make sure each person is held, feels safe and is truly able to transform in their week with us.

I would have paid double for that experience, its changed my body yes, but so much else...

Nikki, London

With all the expert support, luxury accommodation and high quality produce the retreat is valued at over £4000.

I was very clear I wanted to make this an accessible retreat that is easy to say YES to.

The retreat is priced at £1357 and to share a room with a friend the price is £937.

Retreat Dates:

24th to 30th September: One place left

Double room with shared bathroom - £1137


If you have questions or would like to book a room with a friend, please contact me here.

Miracles on the Retreat

Guests have found their voice from this retreat

Beautiful writings and poems have emerged

Old and new dreams have been uncovered

Desires have been remembered

Confidence and courage has been reconnected to


Can I do this if I have a chronic disease?

Yes. There are guests that come here with all sorts of health challenges. You will be held and supported as you make the changes.

Are there doctors at your retreat?

We don’t have doctors at our retreat. The approach is based on detoxification of the body using raw fruits, raw vegetables and Dr Morses world recognised herbs.

Does this retreat take into account psychology and emotions as well as food?

Yes. This is a unique retreat as it focuses on you as a whole person. Your mind, your body and your hearts desires are never separate.

Does this work for me if I am also a therapist?

Yes!! Many therapists are the least rested. This is for anyone that intuitively knows they need to deeply rest in a supportive loving and natural environment.

I am worried about detox symptoms, do you recommend this if I am not raw?

Yes! It doesn’t matter what your current diet is. If you are drawn to this then there is something here for you. Detox symptoms can sometimes be uncomfortable which is why we have such a wonderful team here. Your body will be on a whole new level of health and energy when you leave.

What about my medication?

You can safely detox with your medication. Before you arrive the team will review your current health challenge and will advise and support you to get the most your of your week with us.

What about if I am a smoker?

We will support you. This is not a bootcamp, this a gentle supportive environment for you to look at how your body can heal and how you can move away from addictions. Some guests are smokers and often feel like they are done with cigarettes by the time they leave.

Ready to transform your health?

Retreat dates:

24th to 30th September: One place left

Double room with shared bathroom - £1137


If you have questions or would like to book a room with a friend, please contact me here.

Here's What Some Previous Guests Have to Say...

I am breathing deeply for the first time in 20 years, there is deep healing taking place. I feel I am in control of my body and my life again.

Darryl, Hove

Fran's approach is warm, open and empathic. She takes time to get to know you as an individual. I highly recommend this retreat it is WELL worth the investment.

- Helen, London

Fran has a strong yet gentle approach, I dont know anyone that wouldnt totally transform on this retreat.

Liz, Wirral

The positive change in my emotional energy and self image / self confidence was far greater than I could have imagined in such a short space of time. I also lost a stone in weight.

Andrew, Reading

I was skeptical of eating so much fruit sugar since I have a long history with Candida and sugar in general. After a week at Fran's retreat I can say that I felt much calmer, no longer had the brain fog or other candida symptoms – and I also lost 8 pounds.

Katherine, Michigan

Ready to transform your health?

Retreat dates:

24th to 30th September: One place left

Double room with shared bathroom - £1137


If you have questions or would like to book a room with a friend, please contact me here

transformation awaits...

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