Shifting the paradigm of health

Shifting the paradigm of health

To really shift our health we have to change the message our bodymindsoul is receiving, not just physically as we are all used to with diet, exercise and supplements, but also mentally, emotionally and therefore energetically as well.

The new paradigm

This is the new paradigm of health; it takes the pressure off feeding ourselves solely with the right foods or right amount of exercise as being our saviour to the promised land of perfect health and instead incorporates the mental emotional parts of our day to day lives as equally important contributors to our experience of being healthy and feeling well being.

Our health is dependent on US

We know a certain amount about our bodies from studying them in isolation to the rest of our mind and soul. What we now know through the new biology however is that the largest variable in all procedures, medication, therapies, exercise, diet, relationship and so on is us! The way we think and feel and therefore do any of these things dramatically affects our experience of them. That’s why we see evidence of placebos in mind/body medicine as well as seemingly miraculous healing. Its also one of the reasons (along with DNA) why a group of us can be eating, exercising, living and working in the exact same way but have very different symptoms, reactions and outcomes.

What is the health we are trying to get to?

Most people I work with at some early point in our interactions tell me;

Feeing like myself again

What we all intuitively know is that our natural state is to feel good and to feel connected to ourselves. We want to feel in tune, and like we can trust the decisions we make through life and live with ourselves and the consequences. And that we can do this with the energy and love we know we have come from. This is where health becomes as much of a feeling as it is an action. And there are many ways to bring about that feeling.

Our whole life not just our body

If we are not emotionally engaged with what we are doing, believing in it and really feeling it as a great part of our lives then we are really on taking the action and going through the motions. A truly radiant life is one that we feel fully engaged with, that we feel we have choice in and we feel powerful and energetic as we know we were always meant to. To step fully into this new paradigm we have to expand beyond the stressed, limited, either-or and separatist thinking of the ego and align with our authentic or higher self.

Ways to get back to our health

  • Optimal Diet and Hydration
  • Movement
  • Relationship with self and others
  • Passion and Purpose
  • Rest and Play
  • Faith in something larger
  • Our energetic stance or vibration as a result of the above

Engaging in all these areas can help us find our feel good about life again, it can open up dormant parts of ourselves we thought would never be reignited. If we are willing, these parts of who we are can open us up to the health and life we are really wanting.

The new way should not be confused with being more complicated-only less measurable based on the idea that we are all seeing things and experiencing things slightly differently (and sometimes radically differently!) which opens up the world of subjective medicine.

Really the only measure on our health and our lives should be

Does it feel good, I mean really good?

Does every part of you love and embrace this and say yes to this?

If there is hesitation its usually because we know there is something off but if there is a big resounding YES! And we can literally feel it on our body then that to me is health that is us at our best.

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