What they say…


‘Fran is everything you would want in a therapist – gentle, compassionate, wise, hugely knowledgeable with a wonderful sense of humour.

I think the greatest gift she has given me during our work together is a new confidence in my own truth, my own path. I really can not recommend her enough.’ Tammie Cottingham

‘Without Fran’s gentle and challenging approach I might have given up, let go of the baton, but with it I have pushed on and found more and more of my beautiful self.’ It started with gastritis – a poorly stomach, a call from my body to make change. And then the call became a demand – from my body, from my head and from my heart. That the change was needed physically, was very clear – I was in pain, discomfort, couldn’t eat, but change was also needed in order to find more alignment in all parts of myself, my life. Every week my hour with Fran has given me space to explore, to be challenged, inspired, re-newed. It has been such a beautiful time, a time of feeling very blessed, sometimes lost as I have been letting go of old patterns and habits – of neglecting my body, of not fully embracing my truth, my life purpose and moving into standing in my truth, being authentic, being flawed, being fabulous – in all aspects of my life, every part. The changes I am making, the choices about food, about drink, all demonstrate how I am honouring my body and honouring my heart as it opens wide. Honouring the amazing woman I am and every person and soul that I connect with, who open their hearts to me and love me. So much has changed for me in three months. As I read my journal, filled with my reflections over this time, I am smiling, laughing, crying. Such learning, such deep heart based work, such love for myself and others, such magical adventure. Thank you Fran’ Jackie O’Carroll

‘After attending a taster workshop in Liverpool, I felt such a genuine authenticity from Fran and connection, she spoke with sincerity and belief that captivated me and appeared to have similar affect on the other people participating in the workshop. Her innate passion and belief was a joy to be part of. Fran’s academic achievements are impressive in themselves but her ability to translate that learning and challenge convention models is what evoke a feeling of  “I need to know, I want to know more ” She has a natural ability to help people hone in on their inner strengths and resources.’ Marie Toleman

‘I felt very safe with you . You are probably one of the most non – judgemental people and therapist I have yet had the pleasure of working with.’ Maria Burney

‘Im loving working with you, you have great energy and your a skill full and inspiring coach and therapist’ Shaun Hotchkiss