Your symptom is your gift

your symptom is your gift

Your symptom is your gift


Whatever is happening in your body/mind that seems to be a little off or feels like it is holding you back in some way, or even if you have just received a diagnosis here are some ways to tap into your own inner wisdom. Listen to your symptom, it’s your gift.

Your body language as a clue

Dan Benor, a medical doctor and author on healing spoke about a woman with rheumatoid arthritis in her hands. She sat with her fists clenched as she talked about her condition. Dr Benor asked his patient, What do you think your hands might be saying She claimed not to understand what he was saying and so Dr Benor repeated the question calmly and gently a further two times.

Then, in a hostile tone she said; Are you saying I am angry? Her very obvious anger made them both laugh and this opened up the door to exploring and releasing her pent up anger. One year later she was free from arthritis.  Listening to her symptom was to prove a gift to her.

Get in conversation with your body

Your body has its own intelligence and you really can talk to it!
The Norwegian storyteller MaritJarstad had Hepatitis B for 25 years. This hugely lowered her immune system. She knew that the bodys cells are completely renewed every 7 years so she began to wonder how she was still doing Hepatitis B. She intuitively started talking to her liver. Each morning for three months she spoke to her liver saying All is well, there is no danger anymore. She did admit to feel strangely about talking to her liver at first but after a few weeks she suddenly felt well and a blood test showed she was free from Hepatitis. MaritJarstad has remained well ever since.

Get ready to hear the answer

Not only can you talk to your body and change the energetic message of your health experience, it can also talk back to you. It is another way of tapping into your intuition. All we need to do is ask. Ask the area of your body/mind affected what it has to tell you and just wait. You may hear something or see something and then its up to us to trust that as guidance from the highest part of our self.

Do you trust what you hear? Breath into it-its guiding you.

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