Dear you,

Thank you for being here,

If you are anything like me, the call of your body has brought you to a place of wanting to deeply heal.
Your body has been talking to you, perhaps for a long time, and you have tried a whole host of things to help her.
There is stuff you know is working and yet still so many unanswered questions
Somehow your body has forced you to slow down your life
And now you feel ready to see what is really going on
You feel ready for a new way to nourish all parts of you
If this is you, then I see you, I know these feelings and I am happy you are here

With all my love

Fran x


When we come home to our body

We come home to our selves

And life becomes a magical surrender

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“I think the greatest gift she has given me during our work together is a new confidence in my own truth, my own path. I really can not recommend her enough.” - Tammie Cottingham

Body Love

When our bodies are happy

Our whole life opens up

And we can fully step into our power

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Learn how to come home to your body and tune into what it really needs. Learn how to transform your body by changing the way you eat and choosing foods that support your best health.


Fran’s passion is in helping women from all walks of life regain the health and vitality in their body so they can get on with living the life they really want to be living with power, zest and energy.


Fran shares her thoughts, knowledge and wisdom gained from her  natural passion for bodylove and health, and her many years experience of working with women to live their very best lives.