Love for your health

I have been working on a few projects of late and have a tendency to cocoon myself away from the world when I am focusing like this. Can you relate? After a few weeks of ploughing through I decided to arrange a girly dinner with my Mum, just the two of us. We had a...

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To feel ‘better’ you have to ‘better feel’

It's only natural to ride a wave through our lives. There are some times we feel total excitement, joy and fun and others when we really do not, we feel scared apprehensive, pent up or even other feelings like sadness, guilt or downright depressed. It's not the...

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Your health depends on you telling the truth

I think many of us have a fear or a ‘conditioning’ that telling the truth means hurting others. And that’s true! If we tell the truth about how we feel you can bet at some point someone is going to feel hurt, and that person may even be us if we have been on the end...

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