I have been working on a few projects of late and have a tendency to cocoon myself away from the world when I am focusing like this. Can you relate? After a few weeks of ploughing through I decided to arrange a girly dinner with my Mum, just the two of us. We had a real good catch up, so much laughing, chatting and hugging. I felt lots of love and acceptance from her and I too showed her so much love and acceptance back. One of those enriching wholesome nights that just feels good.

The next morning as I woke I noticed there was a new spring in my step, like I had been on holiday or been for a massage. It was like a new relaxing wave of energy, like my soul had been nourished.

Love for relaxation

It turns out that I did feed my soul and I was also giving myself (and my Mum) a massive dose of Oxytocin-the feel good relaxer in the body that also helps us to feel more trusting and generous towards others. All the studies show that hugs and kindness in humans and animals produce it.

High fat diet is far less damaging when there is love

What is really exciting about these acts of kindness and love is that they have the power to compete with the effects of a clean diet. A study was done by scientists at Ohio State University where they examined the effects of high-fat and high Cholesterol diet on the development of atherosclerosis in rabbits. As the scientists expected, the fatty diet caused atherosclerosis in the rabbits. However one group of rabbits was found to have 60% less atherosclerosis than all the rest. This confused the scientists as they had tested every variable for health. It wasnt until the technician that was looking after the experiment admitted that she had taken these rabbits out of their cages at night and lovingly stroked them that it became clearer.

Human loving touch

The stroking seemed to be reducing the rabbits atherosclerosis levels.So as the technician was lovingly stroking the rabbits it likely produced oxytocin in their bodies and this reduced the oxidative stress and inflammation caused by their high fat cholesterol diet.In fact the scientists were so intrigued by this finding that they did the experiment again only this time added the loving strokes as a variable to the rabbits on a high fat diet and they found exactly the same results.

Take your health to new heights and have a hug, show some love