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My Name is Fran Stockley

I know what it is like to feel trapped in your own body.

It was my own pain and discomfort very early on in my 20’s that led me to dive very deep into the study of what it truly means to feel alive, free and energetic in your body and therefore your life.

I healed Chronic fatigue syndrome, adrenal burnout and anxiety/depression through truly resting and fuelling my body with the right nutrition. 

With over 12 years in the health industry and having run several businesses including as a personal trainer a coach and a Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist I have seen and helped heal many different health conditions.

What I saw in this time has been humbling and truly a rewarding experience to be able to hold space for and guide so many clients to heal, recover and really continue to live and expand their life in a greater more rewarding way.

As I began to lead retreats though I saw how there was a real need for people to feel safe to relax, let go and feel supported in the process. This was the inspiration behind bodylove luxury detox retreats.

Our body is our transport through life, and when it doesn’t feel good it becomes the reason many of us don’t go for what we really want in life. When we give it what it really needs to heal though, diseases can be reversed, pain disappears and our natural joy and energy for life return.

Fran Stockley

Learn how to transform your body by transforming the way you eat and choosing foods that support your greatest health.

How the Bodylove retreat can help you:

  • Get to the root cause of your health syptoms, improve your relationship with your body and provide you with the tools to be empowered in your healing
  • Give you the confidence to take charge of your own health and body image
  • Learn a new way of eating that supports your body and life
  • Learn how to break free from emotional eating
  • Create a new body confidence
  • Learn how to have the body shape and size that is natural and sustainable for you
  • Feel the flow of your life again
  • Learn how to heal the root of your health challenges in a safe and effective way


Set in the most rural part of the island of Mallorca surrounded by olive groves and village life, the retreat finca is surrounded by peace, sun and a slow paced village life

There are virtually no tourists in this part of Mallorca….it is almost like going back in time.

The property is a beautiful healing space. In fact I cried the first time I entered it! It is breathtaking and has a perfect match of inspirational spaces, traditional features, luxurious comfort and a cosey country feeling.

With the outdoor living spaces and fresh water outdoor private pool there, there is plenty of space to be with the group or to take some self reflection time in the different parts of the property.

The un obstructed views are of the rolling mountains and you can just see the local village in the distance. Many guests say the space feels ‘safe’, ‘held’ and a ‘sanctuary’ …

It’s a perfect place to rest, heal and transform


Much of the retreat is centered around food and our relationship to it

Most of our lives are centered around busyness and often we choose food to help ‘keep us going’ or to help ‘calm us down’ at the end of the day. At the retreat you will experience what it is like to take all processed food away and you will live for a week on the freshest most deliciously prepared nutrient dense vegetarian food.vegetables, Much of the produce is raw and all fresh and local. 

All our produce is bought from local spanish farmers and prepared by our raw food chef Steph Magenta. Each day we have juices, smoothies and platters flowed by a taste sensation evening meal usually al fresco.

All dishes are nutrient dense, vegetarian, mostly raw and designed with your maximum health energy and cleansing in mind. You will be clearing your palette while you are here away from any caffeine, sugar, alcohol, grains and additives. When we take all the distractions away from our body, it gets to truly rest and heal and the mind and spirit follows its lead. Everything has a chance to rest and we can see and feel what is important again.


Daily Playshops with Fran

Dive into the mind body and spirit of your own health. The playshops are a deep dive into what it means to heal and how to use our symptoms (physical or otherwise) as a gift and guide back to the truth of ourselves.

We will unravel what it truy means to have a body that is thriving instead of just surviving. A body that is strong, looking well, feeling well and available for all of life. We will look at what has been holding us back and identify what your individual paths are to ‘health.’

Fran is a Naturopathic nutritional therapist, and will be able to guide you back in playful and gentle manner to your own body so you can begin your healing.

The session include guided meditations, journaling activities, question and answer sessions and teachings.

The approach on the bodylove retreat is one of whole love.

Each guest is seen as mind body and spirit. There is much more to life that what we have been eating, but the retreat attracts those that feel their relationship to food is at the core of what will make a difference in their lives. They see the connection of how we do food is how we do life.

6 Nights of beautiful Accomodation

The finca is grand, traditional and cosey all at the same time. The house is yours to feel like ‘home’ for the week. The atmosphere in the house is relaxed and peaceful with the intention of allowing you to feel safe, secure and able to fully let go, relax and able to reflect and transform.

There are 2 choices of accommodation to choose from. Double en suite rooms or double with a shared bathroom. All toiletries and towels are provided so you don’t have to pack your suitcase to the brim.

Because its nice and warm in Mallorca and the finca has a beautiful pool, many guests choose to spend their days in their swim suit and a relaxed dress, shorts or skirt. There is no dress code for our retreats, we want you to feel relaxed and comfortable.

All meals and Snacks

Rise with a fresh local, organic juice each morning, break for a fruit platter at lunchtime and be greeted with a beautiful smoothie in the afternoon. Each evening we sit down to a plant based meal al fresco. The produce has been sunkissed by the Mallorcan sun and together with the skills of our chef Steph Magenta and Liz Stockley it is a taste sensation. There is always a fruit bowl for snacking available at all times of the day.

sunset and sunrise yoga and meditation

Well not quite sunrise…but morning yoga. We begin each day with yoga and meditation led by the very special Sarah Harbert. And we finish each day before bed with a gentle yin yoga practice and meditation to help you prepare for a restful and restorative sleep. The yoga is all optional and is adapatable to beginners right through to advanced yogis alike. Sara tunes into each person and their intentions for being at the retreat and adapts the class accordingly. You can be sure of a personalised experience.

We show you little tricks you can do at home, tools to use in the kitchen and how to make the food appealing to those that you live with at home.

One to one with Fran

Coming on the retreat allows you a special one to one session with Fran. In this session Fran will tune into where you are in your health and what you are wanting to shift. This session covers any specific recommendations on mnd body and spirit level and allows time for questions you may not want to ask in the group format.

Extras to Budget For

Luxurious Body treatments

Sarah Santa Cruz is nothing short of magical and Jo our yogini is a different kind of special. These two women offer the most power bodywork on our retreat and most guests like to allow for several treatments. They are both widely experienced and masters at what they do which can greatly add to the experience of letting go on every level while you enjoy your stay with us. They offer isgnature treatments that tune into your unique body and includes a combination of cranio sacral therpy, reflexology, reiki, deep tissue massage and cupping.


Your airfare and booking is up to you. Palma airport has lots of regular flight from all major airports.


Transfers from Palma airport are around 30 minutes and most guests choose to get a taxi or hire a car.

Extra Euros

Money for the local fresh market we visit half way through the retreat.

Your Team

Fran Stockley is an international Nutritonal therapist, Naturopath and inner wisdom guide. Joined by her incredible team are nutrient dense chefs Liz Stockley and Steph Magenta (also our movement therapist). Our international intuitive yogini Sara Harbert our alchhemical bodyworkers Sarah Santa Cruz and Robin Johson.  As well as our art therapist Claire Stephens.This unique retreat would not be possible without this incredibly experienced passionate team.

Accommodation Options

Here are the available accommodation options and a summary of what you get when you book a Bodylove Retreat. Scroll down for more detailed information on what’s included.

As part of the experience of the retreat we come together as women and become acquainted into what it means to share a space together in laughter healing and growth.

Note: Bookings should only be made after you have spoken to Fran, please enquire now.
Note: By booking your place on a BodyLove retreat you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.

Here’s What You Need to Know

  • This is full body experience, we care that you are lit up from the inside out, that your body is working with you and that you transform.
  • This is not just about weight loss…this is about deep healing and the understanding of your body so you leave having the tools to play the game of life at your highest.
  • Although the message of health is simple we don’t apply the same formula to all our guests. We see the whole of you and what you are wanting for your health, your body and your life.
  • Our retreats are entirely bespoke according to the guests that join us.
  • We are not a fitness camp. We believe in the art of deep rest, fresh air, gentleness and fresh whole ripe organic fruits and vegetables.
  • We care about your journey after the retreat. We make sure you leave with recipes, your tailored one to one plan and the emotional tools you need to continue your transformation into everyday life.

What Our Previous Guests Are Saying

Our guets are often astounded at what they have received from the retreat…here is what some of them have to say…

“I would have paid double for that experience, its changed my body yes, but so much else… ” - Nikki, London

‘I just cant recommend this retreat enough. I have been on many retreats and this one stands out as THE most transformational and the most professional .” - A, Wirral

“Fran’s approach is warm, open and empathic. She takes time to get to know you as an individual. I highly recommend this retreat it is WELL worth the investment.” - Helen, London

Feeling Called to a Bodylove Retreat?

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Can I do this if I have a chronic disease?

Yes. There are guests that come here with all sorts of health challenges. You will be held and supported as you make the changes.

Are there doctors at your retreat?

We don’t have doctors at our retreat. The approach is based on detoxification of the body using raw fruits, raw vegetables and gentle herbs to support the bodies process of letting go.

Does this retreat take into account psychology and emotions as well as food?

Yes. This is a unique retreat as it focuses on you as a whole person. Your mind, your body and your hearts desires are never separate.

Does this work for me if I am also a therapist?

Yes!! Many therapists are the least rested. This is for anyone that intuitively knows they need to deeply rest in a supportive loving and natural environment.

I am worried about detox symptoms, do you recommend this if I am not ALREADY EATING raw FOOD?

Yes! It doesn’t matter what your current diet is. If you are drawn to this then there is something here for you. Detox symptoms can sometimes be uncomfortable which is why we have such a wonderful team here. Your body will be on a whole new level of health and energy when you leave.

What about my medication?

You can safely detox with your medication. Before you arrive the team will review your current health challenge and will advise and support you to get the most your of your week with us.

What about if I am a smoker?

We will support you. This is not a bootcamp, this a gentle supportive environment for you to look at how your body can heal and how you can move away from addictions. Some guests are smokers and often feel like they are done with cigarettes by the time they leave.