Bodylove Retreat Disclaimer

Please read this page thoroughly and check the box below to confirm that you understand.

Legal disclaimer: Fran Stockley and team are not medical doctors, their professional opinion and advice is for you to research and/or decide what resonates for you. The success of an individual and group program, as well as your ability to self-heal, rests mainly on your resolve to focus on your health – now and in the future.

I understand and accept that during any program where I am eating differently it is normal for a person to experience a cleansing symptoms which can include nausea, headaches, skin outbreaks, light headedness, fatigue and other minor symptoms and that the more toxic my body is, the stronger such symptoms may be.

I acknowledge that:

(a) Ultimately, the wellbeing of my body and mind are my own responsibility and the decision to embark upon a healing program is mine alone.

(b) Fran Stockley and team make no claims to cure or diagnose illness or ailments but that a holistic healing program may be helpful to promote wellbeing and healthy living; and

(c) Fran Stockley and team are trained and qualified in their field, but they are not medical professionals.

(d) All sessions, group calls and Facebook posts are confidential. 

I confirm that I hereby hold harmless Fran Stockley and team from any liabilities & responsibilities and will have no claims or take any action against Fran Stockley and team, in relation to my participation in their advice and programs.

I agree to not copy or distribute materials; all works are owned by Fran Stockley and team.


If you have any hesitation about your ability to undergo a program, get a physical exam by your naturopathic or medical doctor.

Seek professional assistance with a doctor’s supervision if you:

  • Have a terminal or malignant illness
  • Have a genetic disease, an indication of an inherited metabolic problem
  • Have an autoimmune disease
  • Are chronically underweight
  • Suffer from hyperthyroidism
  • Have a mental illness
  • Take any medications regularly
  • Are pregnant

Cancellation Policy:

Please note that all services, programs and retreats are not are not refundable or transferable.