I think many of us have a fear or a ‘conditioning’ that telling the truth means hurting others. And that’s true! If we tell the truth about how we feel you can bet at some point someone is going to feel hurt, and that person may even be us if we have been on the end of another persons truth telling. But most of us are taught from a young age NOT to hurt people, that hurting people is wrong and should be avoided at all costs. SO its easy to see how we can end up in a pattern of;

‘Suspending our own truth in favour of saving others feelings…’

And that is why telling the TRUTH now is still seen as a REVOLUTIONARY act. Because most people in most situations are suspending their truth for fear of hurting another.

The last time you told a massive TRUTH BOMB

Do you remember the last time you told someone the truth about how you were feeling? And it felt big?

After you had told the truth of how you were feeling, its likely that you felt total relief! Perhaps even feelings of relaxation, inner peace, a feeling of the pressure being off which later may have led to a an outright feeling of confidence. And so it should!

You felt FREE

Your Body Knows

One of my favourite authors; ‘Deborah King’ believes that the truth is always trapped in our bodies until we ‘out’ it. In her incredible book; ‘The Truth Heals-What you hide can hurt you’ Deborah covers all the body organs and gives countless examples of how our body will literally block up and shut down in relation to how truthful we are with ourselves and then each other. She says;

‘Health and Healing Happen only when a body/mind/soul wants, needs and is ready to face the truth’

When we feel that our truth has not been expressed we trap an energy inside of us and our body can reflect this in a chronic disease.

How we can know our truth

Its easy to bury these truths and feelings over the years though. It may just be that our body feels dull, lifeless and lethargic and this is a true indicator not only that it needs to move physically but that it is ready to release some old thoughts and feelings as well. Or if we are really connected we may have something more painful or even more chronic we have been experiencing and on some level we have a sense that it is connected to what we haven’t yet said/expressed.

One way to access this trapped energy is to ask ourselves this question;

‘If I was totally comfortable with my own preferences and decisions right now, knowing that my inner guidance system always leads me to what is right for me, what would I choose to do/say/act right now?’

No matter what the situation is, this question, if answered honestly, will begin to open us up to our truth.

A sacred practice of telling the truth

When a person is sick in an aboriginal tribe with a fever or a ailment such a depression or congested lungs, the people of the village will sit around the person who is sick and ask them to speak the things that have been left unsaid. The person is invited to directly address those they felt harmed by or those by which they feel that they have harmed. They are invited to answer the question; ‘What has been weighing in your heart?’ ‘What dreams have been supressed?’

The person speaks their truth and the villagers listen and acknowledge what has been said. They sit in the circle until the person who is sick feels completely better.

An Invitation

If you have a group you can be with like the aborigines, where you feel completely free to speak your truth that is wonderful. Go there! Perhaps there is one friend who you could ask for some listening time, to just be with you and really ‘hear’ everything you are needing to say. If you don’t have these you can do this with yourself and your journal. Light a candle, take your journal and ask yourself gently;

‘What has been weighing in my heart?’

‘What dreams have I been suppressing?’

Its totally worth ‘listening’ in for the answers and even writing them down you will feel relieved that you have begun to express what you have been hiding.